Premier Contractor

WDR Metal Roofing is the leading roofing service provider in Austin. We take great pride in supplying our clients with top-notch metal roofs and outstanding customer support.


Expert Service for Your Peace of Mind

We train our contractors to observe proper installation techniques that put you and your property’s first. We have the ideal standards when it comes to the superiority of our work, so you can be sure that we won’t take misalignments and haphazardness lightly.

Aside from roof installations, we also conduct inspections to ensure that your current home is well-protected. Our unit has the experience and knowledge to foresee potential issues that may arise in every aspect of your roof and ceiling. We know what to look for to verify that your roof has no vulnerabilities that make it prone to leakage or breaking down.

Expect nothing less but honest and fair estimates from us. Our friendly contractors can assess your home and give you an accurate report on the status of your roof. Plus, they will provide you with the best possible budget for the parts that need replacing or repairing.

We have a devoted team of specialists who have the skills and experience necessary for the success of each project. Our commitment to success has established our reputation with our customers and peers.

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