Metal Roofing System Types

Metal Roofs come in a number of different system types. At WDR Metal Roofing, we are proud to offer both snap lock standing seam roofs and double locked hemmed seam roofs to our central Texas and greater Austin area customers.

Long Lasting Roofs

Metal roofs are becoming a popular choice for hill country and Texas homeowners because they offer a number of advantages versus traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Did you know that metal roofs often require little to no maintenance after installation? That’s right. Metal roofs are an easy and convenient way to provide your home with a durable, long-lasting roof that adds value and requires almost no maintenance. They can also be selected in a variety of colors in order to give your home the exact look and style you desire. Metal roofs not only save you money on cooling costs and maintenance, they add to your home’s resale value, making them a wise investment in your home.

Snap Lock Standing Seam

Snap lock standing seam metal roofing systems are a very popular choice in the Austin area. They have sleek lines and can give your home an updated and modern look, or when paired with a darker color can create a classic look, as well. Snap lock standing seam metal roofs can be used on a wide variety of home types and can work with several pitches making them a versatile and affordable choice for most homeowners.

If you are interesting in learning more about a snap lock standing seam metal roof for your home, contact WDR Metal Roofing and let one of our roofing experts discuss the benefits and advantages this metal roofing system.

Double Locked Hemmed Seam

Double locked hemmed seam metal roofing systems are a great metal roofing type for lower pitch and flat roofs. They offer the same advantages of a metal roof – the durability, low maintenance, and energy savings, but for roofs that normally would not be candidates of a snap lock standing seam roof.

Double locked hemmed seam roofs give your home a clean finish and fantastic curb appeal. Unlike traditional shingle roofs, they are made to withstand weather, be water tight, and are virtually maintenance-free and indestructible. Investing in this metal roofing system means that you have an attractive and durable roof that will add value and a fresh modern look to any home.


Metal Roof Contractors

WDR Metal Roofing is proud to be a trusted Austin metal roofing contractor. We live and work in Austin, so we treat every metal roof we install like it was our very own. If you’re looking for a metal roofing contractor that will work with you to ensure you get a thorough inspection, and honest estimate, and the highest quality metal roof, then look no further than the experts at WDR Metal Roofing.

When you partner with WDR, you are partnering with a locally owned and operated Austin metal roofing company that will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best possible metal roof. We will help you determine the right roof type for your home, help you select color and materials, provide a quick and stress-free installation, and stay in contact with you throughout the process. We are your local Austin metal roofing experts.

Contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at WDR Metal Roofing today to see how you can have the amazing benefits and cost savings of a metal roofing system for your home.

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